Thursday, May 29, 2008

Session 11 - Triften's Alternity game - Skulls and Snakes

"Up there, 4th floor. There are people waving at us. Stop."

"But what about the-"

"Stop now!"
"They're calling for help. Let's go."

"Holy crap."

"I'll drive, you guys shoot."

"They're gaining!"

"Reverse can only do so much."

"Then why dont you-oh Dear Lord!"

"I'm good at driving."


"I'm glad we were able to stock up before we got here."

"This would have gone a lot faster with the semtex."

"We need the semtex to get into Round Mountain. We have this all planned out."

"You mean Collins planned it all out."

"Yes, and he's going to meet us there after a side trip to Montana."

"Assuming he doesn't get himself killed."

"Look, he's well equipped and has 3 other soldiers with him. He'll be fine."

"None of those were the sharpest knives in the drawer."

"Guys, if we're going in, let's go before more of those beetles show up."


"Should be the third floor, facing east."

"I hear them. This door."


"Help... us..."

"Sir, are you okay?"

"Help us..."

"Okay, as soon as-"






"What was tha-"

"Get the hell away!"

"Al, calm down."

"How do I know your not hiding snakes?!"

"Al, it's okay-"


"Son of a bitch! Jessie! Jessie?"

"Dammit, Al! Ooof!"

"No one move! Any one of you could have snakes! I know I don't."
"I'll meet Collins on my own if I have to."

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