Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Session 8 - Triften's Alternity game - Sidetrack

A prelude:

Alvin: So, Collins, what's with all the secrecy?

Kellie: Yeah, this warehouse section, right next to the generator? A little noisy.

Collins: Al, Kellie, Nick, Mark, you all know about sliding, right?

Mark: We were all at the same briefing, Alan.

Nick: I was on level 22. Just over 200,000 points.

Collins: Can you put that thing down?

Nick: Not really. Keeps the hands limber.

Kellie: So, as far as anyone knows, the sliding is random, unless you have some secret you aren't letting us in on.

Collins: Well, random, mostly. Look at who's slid so far. Rithers, Warner,... that new kid, Jessie-

Nick: Warner was PTSD.

Collins: That's the official line. So all three of them were top agents. Rithers, top researcher; Warner, top electronics tech; Jessie... well he seemed to be good at pretty much everything.

Nick: Yes! Level 38!

Kellie: Nick, turn that thing off. So, just cause we're good at our jobs, you think we're going to slide?

Collins: Well, Al, you scored top in your class on pistols, Kellie, you scored high marks on the rifle range. Nick, you are an amazing medic.

Nick: Eh, I don't know.

Kellie: What about the time you patched up Agent Stromovich in the middle of a firefight.

Mark: She was able to take out the remaining six terrorists.

Nick: 5.

Al: That was the official line.

Nick: Isn't that when you guys started calling me "Dutch", as in "little Dutch boy"?

Al: Well, you did plug a hole in a dyke pretty well.

Nick: I was in sensitivity training for 4 weeks after that.

Kellie: Of course. You explained why we were calling you Dutch to the Chief. What'd you expect?

Nick: You guys... were calling me that... and I end up in sensitivity training.

Kellie (to Al and Mark): Wow, he hasn't been playing that for all of 30 seconds.

Nick: I hate you guys.

Collins: Are you all in on this? Either we're all in, or we're all out.

Kellie: I'm in.

Al: In.

Mark: Me, too.

Nick: Level up!... Sure, I'm in.

Collins: Alright, get together a bag with a change of clothes, a persona with full ID and credit, and whatever gear you need. I'll set up a safehouse and we'll work on that.

Nick: Anyone here have any triple-alphas?

Al: I'm sure Kellie does.

Kellie: Jerk.

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