Saturday, April 07, 2007

Triften's Game: Map of Talwar

I broke out our "new" scanner (purchased at least a year ago) and scanned in the map I had been sketching. Here it is all prettied up:

Yay. I'll update it and flesh it out as the need arises.

Also, I guess I thought 800x600 would be enough, but it's looking a little small. Gripe and I'll upload a larger version.

Here's a map of the adventures so far:

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Triften's Game: Session n+5 - 4/4/2007

After dispatching the baby dragon, the party gets to work surveying the mess. Flacco and Kurako carry the carcass to the carts (dragon parts can fetch quite a bounty) while Terrence and Jared examine the interior of the Shrine without being harassed by large reptiles.

Outside, Kurako notices a reptilian figure attempting to hide behind some rocks and notifies her sister. The twins give chase as the figure makes its way down the west road and encounter a group of lizardmen. Kurako spots a familiar face among them and Stetta steps forth to greet the twins. After brief introductions and Stetta showing off the hood made from the t'k'zha'khu, they all head up to Shrine.

Meanwhile, Terrence observes the stopped up spring and decides to build a fire, heading out to the cart for supplies. Jared discovers the wyrm's nesting area featuring what appears to be a body frozen into the ice. Holostarchander is still barely conscious.

As he emerges from the carts, Terrence sees a band of lizardmen marching up the western road with Flacco, Kurako, and Stetta. Not knowing what to expect, he yells to warn Jared and Holostarchander.

The lizardmen arrive quickly and are mildly aghast to see the Shrine in its current state. The tribe's assistant (hereafter referred to as the shaman) asks Terrence not to build a fire (for some reason, the request from the 6 foot tall lizard carries more weight than the one from the nearly dead sorcerer) and binds Holostarchander's wounds. He sends his men to begin chipping away at the ice plug on the spring and then most of the party goes to the cart to get mallets and spikes. With a powerful blow, Kurako splits the plug, allowing the spring to be cleared. The spring flows in a torrent and, while the water from it is rather cold, it begins to melt the ice surrounding it.

The lizardfolk shaman thanks the party for their help and him and his men clear out to join their kin in the valley below. Stetta rejoins the party to pursue the destiny from her vision.

Terrence notices that the ice covering the ceiling of the shrine has glints of metal in it. This is brought to his attention when a piece of silver drops out of the melting ice. Stetta looks up in time to dodge a large chunk of ice breaking away. The other party members notice this and some stay clear while others pursue the treasure more aggressively. Flacco quickly rigs up a rope climbing rig and despite being battered by falling ice (dislocated shoulder, blows to the head) makes her way to the ceiling to begin pulling coins from the ice. Kurako, while dodging ice, watches in horror as her sister is nearly killed. Eventually, the celing is clear and the Shrine is scoured of coinage. The loot tally comes to about 280 (gold?) and one very nice shield. The body is placed on a funeral pyre and, after much debate a tithe is made to Tyvia.

Holostarchander discovers that the spring has healed his wounds and refreshed him, prompting the rest of the party to drink from the spring and refill their water skins.

The party begins preparations to continue their travels along the mountain road heading west so they can make their ways to the Hills of Hanyard in search of the old king's wizard.

UPDATED: The first large chunk of ice nearly hit Stetta, not Terrence.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Entering the Ghoul Slums

About three minutes ago Stubbly heard gunfire. He seemed sure it was an FN-HAR assault rifle firing in bursts. Linda called bullshit. It seems that no matter how many times they have this conversation, the elf continues to doubt the only thing Stubbly has ever displayed the least bit of interest or aptitude for.

It's a shame really, they'd make a lovely couple.

One of my diminutive homunculi showed up a few seconds ago. While I have heard no reports from them about the alleged gunfire this one has noticed someone flitting about on the ethereal over in Assembly Building 3. The gunfire was of little concern to me given the neighborhood, but this sounds like my show.

Linda would like me to check in within a few minutes. I assure Linda that I'll make detailed notes to relay on my return. Stubbly would like me to point to where he should dump his load. I avoid the crass joke about our pointy eared companion.

It takes only a blink to arrive astrally on location.

Transcript in Progress on RogerRed - logging to SSblitz mission record
Method: Team Comms Secure 5
Speaker: FrankL
Recipient: Lindaro

I'm sorry, your intended comms target is currently inactive. His link is marked "Someone has to get this fucking building ready." You may leave a message for playback.

How are you gone already? It's been like a minute and a half oame! I'm a little dizzy. I'll try to go through this as I recall it happening. Maybe you've seen something.

From the looks of the ghouls outside Assembly 3 I'd say the community can expect a hiccup in their food supplies. It's a shame really. Based on our going rate I'd say that they aren't really in a position to weather such an interruption.

Just inside the building the interlopers were messing up the packaging and storage room. They were intent on finding something. Maybe they're organ leggers trying to get a second pass at after market sales. For the haul you'd get out of here there certainly are a lot of them.

There's dwarf with a comically sized gun. I'm not a weapon crazed flower loving midget, but I'd guess it was an assault rifle and I'm willing to give Stubbly the benefit of the doubt on any details.

The troll is enormous. I never will get used to seeing the goblinized giants. The shady patches on his body point to some moderate cybering. His mother must be proud of that hair.

The sight of pitch where a human's vibrant glow should be caused a slight retching, but you'll be proud to know I didn't actually astrally dry heave this time. Based on his slight build and the way he holds his weapon I can only guess he's some tech joy boy. Tech loving humans and mages don't venture into the slums after organs. This lot must be here for us. Still, there was no sense helping them disrupt the building more.

The mage is relatively untrained, or unused to being the lone magic support. There's little else to explain how he didn't see my impatient helper's frantic signaling. His aura seems solid and even, if a little plain.

By this time they'd got the door open. I hadn't noticed the street sam before. He dispatched the shift manager so forcefully that _I_ flinched. I'll have to warn JoeJoe. Even if this one is an ork, the old man looks to be losing ground to the street's fresh meat.

It's a good thing we didn't decide to hide Shelly among the workers here. The approach of this group, whomever they are, appears to be sweep and burn. I believe they actually tried to find a way to fit the troll into the basement disassembly area. This can not end well.

I'm sorry Linda, I'm still a little shaken, so the details here might be off. I had to dodge out of the building for a bit because the mage started going astral again. When I got back into observation they appeared to be preparing for exit.

I'm not sure what the sequence was, but I think the sam killed Louisa Jackson. That poor woman. Her poor kid! I'm not sure what Wesley will do now. He's a good kid, but certainly too young to be out on his own. Maybe we could use a hand with errands and maintenance around the Bulkhead? I know we're already kind of put out on this case, but maybe you could talk with JoeJoe. Look at the kid as a form of bonus pay even.

Once they were clear of the interior I noticed the mage had an active foci. My outrage at the carnage got the better of me and I got sloppy. I managed to get a solid Mass Hysteria channeled through and for a moment it looked like things were ponies. The troll looked about ready to pop all over himself and the sam freaked out and bent the shadow up but good. Or the guy was double jointed with an extra wobly point in his arm already, you never know these days. Everyone else was standing around like donkeys. Street sam clean up no problem.

Only I misjudged the effects on their mage. Suddenly he cracked A next to me and kaboshed me pretty good. I'm lucky I got back into my meat fast enough to keep the blood coming out of my mouth from staining my clothes. Assuming the sam doesn't just enjoy punching the hell out of things he travels with he probably stopped when I did.

Anyways, I'm going to stay holed up here in the manager's office with these volunteers for now. I'll try to provide some early notice, but I might be too messed up to be on my game. Let me know when the blitz room is ready and I'll see you there.

Tell Stubbly that he's a go. He might as well just ejaculate everywhere. At this point he can't possibly end up doing more collateral damage then they're going to do.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Triften's game: Session n+4B -3/21/2007

Stetta runs off into the woods after being snubbed, yet again, by Terrence. She heads roughly north, avoiding the town, and, eventually, crossing over the road and entering the swamp. After almost a full day of slogging through the swamp, Stetta rests in a shaded area finding calm in the dappled sunlight and buzzing insects.

During this moment, an enormous venomous snake calmly rises out of the water in front of her before calmly flaring its multicolored hood and not-so-calmly hissing. Stetta fights the snake, expertly dodging its lightning-quick strikes while slicing it up with her sickles. The snake manages to get a clean strike with its vicious fangs before Stetta kills it, sending venom coursing through her body.

Stetta is swiftly weakened by the poison and, before blacking out, she sees lizardfolk stepping out from behind nearby trees. While unconscious, she experiences a number of hallucinations and visions similar to Jared's

Stetta awakens inside some sort of lean-to structure with a lizardperson watching over her. When it sees that she is awake, it hands her some food (some sort of mush and a couple roasted beetles) and some clean-looking water (a rarity in the middle of a swamp) and calls over a couple of other lizardfolk.

The pair approaching appears to be the leader and his assistant. The assistant is able to make himself understood in Common and he translates for the leader, explaining that Stetta has bested t'k'zha'khu or, more accurately pronounced, !*zha#u (! = alveolar click, *= velar implosive, # = uvular fricative, IPA pronunciation: !ɠʒaʁu), an avatar of the Snake god. Additionally, she has survived her travels through the dream world (induced by the poison) and is recognized as a member of their tribe.

Stetta spends the next few days talking to the chief's assistant, who analyzes her vision for her. Stetta also learns that these lizardfolk had been hiding in the mountains for sometime but, when the area started to dry up, they were forced to head back down into the swamps. After being sighted, the Black Talon moved in and has been preparing to attack them. While normally at an advantage in the swamps, their numbers are greatly reduced and would likely be wiped out if they stayed and fought.

Lizardfolk scouts have spotted a Shrine to the Goddess of the Spring which was evidently the source of water for their hiding place in the mountains. The lizardfolk have decided to flee the swamps, sending a small contingent up to the Shrine to figure out what went wrong, while the rest will head back to their old hiding place in hopes that the other group is successful. Additionally, a small group will stay behind to provide token resistance to the Black Talon.

Stetta marches withthe lizardfolk out of the swamps, to the NW, and joins the small contingent heading up to the shrine.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Triften's game: Session n+4A - 3/14/2007

Now down two people, the party finally arrives at Innsmouth, a fishing town located on the south edge of the Judham Swamp. At midmorning, Terrence and Jared head into town to gather information. Despite terrifying a few townsfolk into thinking that some horrible plague of monsters may or may not be currently attacking, they find out several useful pieces of information:

  • The road through the swamp is in disrepair but their oxen might be able to ford the marsh in that area.
  • There are lizardfolk in the swamp.
  • The Black Talon is preparing to push into the swamp to drive out the lizardfolk who came down out of the mountains to live there.
The party decides they'd rather march through a Black Talon encampment than get their carts stuck in a marsh filled with lizardmen and who-knows-what-else. While on the road, heading ENE, towards the encampment, it is decided that they will pretend to be pilgrims heading towards a shrine in the mountains. Using incredible bardic knowledge and the study of the arcane, they remember that there is indeed a Shrine of Tyvia, Goddess of the Spring, in the nearby mountains. During the few days of journey, the carts are repainted, costumes are donned, and a lone lizardman is spotted watching them from the swamps.

Upon arrival at the camp, the party is questioned about their plans and their ruse works perfectly. A little too perfectly. After passing through a massive Black Talon encampment and surviving to tell the tale, the carts are now headed up a steep, winding, and bumpy mountain road. Despite having no one available skilled in animal handling, the party makes do with sheer Charisma.

As night falls on the mountain road, the party is attacked by a pair of wolf skeletons. They are dispatched in relatively short-order (from what I remember) allowing the party to continue towards the Shrine.

The road follows over hills and valleys before heading up the side of a mountain to the Shrine. With a backdrop of a beautiful mist-filled valley, the roughly two-story, round building is surrounded by a chill fog. The mountain road continues past the Shrine, curving around the mountain to head west. The party splits up at this point, with some going to scout ahead on the road and a lone Holostarchander investigating the Shrine.

The road appears to head west out of the mountains.

Holostarchander discovers that the interior of the shrine is coated in ice. Ascending the stairs, he sees that the spring itself is almost completely frozen over, with only a trickle of water coming out to run down the series of intricate channels (those not filled with ice) and out of the building. Holostarchander's reward for giving the ice a few taps with his staff is an assault by a baby white wyrm. The wyrm blind-sides him with a flurry of claws, teeth, and angry bulk, knocking Holostarchander out immediately and cutting short his yell of "Aaa-!"

Jared, having stayed with the carts, hears this and races into the shrine to see the wyrm dragging Holostarchander's limp body towards its nest. Jared, feeling either insane or selfless, attempts to tackle the dragon, yelling the whole time. Somehow, Jared manages to not get torn to shreds before the rest of the party arrives. The party surrounds the furious lizard and its members experience varying degrees of success. Flacco gets in several good sneak attacks, Kurako does consistent damage with her longsword, Jared remains ineffectual until right before the end of combat by landing the killing blow, and Terrence sings (I think.) The party emerges victorious but still frostbitten, regular bitten, and clawed.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Triften's game: Session n+3 - 3/7/2007

Continuing up the coastal road by moonlight, Kurako (I believe) spots some movement in the water below. Holostarchander uses his magical abilities to send a flare of sorts down to light things up, but what ever Kurako thought she saw had managed to flee. After some further investigation, the party continues onward.

The party, now on high alert is able to spot the kua-toa (frog men things, NOT merlocks or any other WoW enemy) waiting to ambush them farther up the road. Their large eyes practically shine in the moonlight. Despite the characters and players being bogged down in combat, things are made slightly more exciting due to the kua-toa's sticky shields. From what I recall, Flacco does some slinging, Holostarchander lets loose some flames, Stetta nearly looses her club, someone else does lose their weapon, and the last kuatoa goes sliding, face-first down the cliffside to the water.

The part is victorious, Flacco finds a ring (IIRC), and Stetta gives Terrence a gift. The gift consists of a kua-toa hand on a string as a nice trophy of the battle. Terrence rejects Stetta's gift and, this being the last straw, Stetta runs off into the night, broken-hearted.

(Is this all we got done?! Sheesh, I really need to figure out how to streamline combat or something.)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Eyes of a Child - 28 Feb

With three of us in attendance and a late start it seemed like a short turn around was best. We played Shadowrun and used example characters from the rulebook. We had about two hours of play time. Surely all of these time saving measures would allow that to stretch an amazing span of game time! Surely.

(Spoiler: 5 minutes and 6 seconds - mostly game setting and rule review)


  • Emmy as Beanna - a tough-as-nails Mercenary who's even bigger than her gun! (But just so)
  • Triften as "Quicksilver" - a combat mage who would prefer not to give a name.


As a favor to Chandra, Quicksilver gets the team to talk to an unfamiliar Mr. Johnson. The Johnson lays out a simple pickup job. The daughter of a corporate exec has gone missing. Corp intel places her in a warehouse in the ghoul slum south of town. Current information points to a Mage of some kind holed up with the shambling horde for unknown reasons. It is presumed that the young girl is going to play some kind of role in ritual sorcery targeting the exec. Mr. Johnson's employers would prefer that not happen.

Given that the slum is best left off the mind of the public, Mr. Johnson would prefer you keep things quiet. Just get in, grab the girl and return her safely to the pick up spot. You can recognize her by her naturally purple eyes. You have until the end of the weekend to get her into the woman's bathroom at the Monstrous Bean coffee shop on 23rd and Rol'lh Ave.


The team starts on the side of the Rt 69 Expressway - the only way from the city to the southern DMZ and on to Tulsa. Traffic is low this evening, but what there is is fast. Beanna opens the way to a decrepit access ladder spanning the 200 or so feet to the slums below. In preparation for the uglies, Quicksilver starts sustaining an Armor spell on his shiel^M^M^M^M^Mpartner. Beanna moves quickly and quietly down. Quicksilver ends up taking just under 5 minutes to make his way down. As he went he managed to cause part of it to crash into the slum below. These are professionals people.

One the ground, the team took stock of things. Lots of rubble. Check. Giant rats. Check. Large cinder block and steel building with windows too high up for the dwarf? Perfect. Quicksilver failed at detecting enemies in the area, but did manage to give himself a splitting headache.

At least partially in response to Beanna "wondering" if she could climb on the mage without interrupting his spell casting too much, Quicksilver checked out the building through the windows. The whole place was abandoned. It looked like a one-time assembly line of some kind, but after a dose of fire bombing. Being adventurers our heroes guess that this shell of a building must contain Interesting Secrets (tm).

At the decision to continue, Beanna whips out her better half (by mass) and charges "gung-ho" around the building. Ever the team player, Quicksilver moves "with trepidation" slightly behind her. As Beanna rounds the corner, Quicksilver's Mission Manager Metrics clock passes 05:00 minutes. This brings us to that other 6 seconds I spoiled above.

--Scene Change (this part wasn't in the game)--

After a long six hours in the service line Fred was more than ready for break time. It didn't even matter that the rations had run out. Sure, he was hungry. But after toiling for this long, even a shambling mound of endurance will settle for a smoke break. Charles wouldn't even mind lending him one of his Green Goon flesh flavored cloves.

The last year had been rough for Charles. After the change his wife Jenna had been supportive. She would joke that they could set up a new diet fad. But then she started going to that church. Suddenly he was an abomination. His urges, even if he didn't act on them, were a violation of the natural order. His children couldn't be safe around him. And he knew he had to leave.

Things were rough in the slum. "Real" eats were hard to come by. The graveyard near by helped, but Charles didn't like jerky back when he ate the kind made out of beef. It was moments with new friends, like smoking with Fred, that made things seem bearable.

"So she asks me if the dress makes her look fat. 'I can't see bitch! Ghoul, remember?' fuck man."

Both men laugh and begin to light their cigarettes. When ghouls laugh, what slim lips they have disappear and their large jaws and misshapen teeth become all that is visible. They look kind of like flesh eating zombies. Which, to be fair, is not that far off. If you don't know any ghouls it can be scary - and surprising.

Just then Fred saw the second dwarf in his life. He thought this was very odd, given that the first one was earlier the same day. Also odd was that this one was aiming a large assault rifle at him and practically humping it.

-- Scene Change (back to the game) --

Our heroes turn the corner to find two ghouls, whom we will refer to as "Fred" and "Charles" even though the players have no knowledge of this. Fred and Charles are surprised by our shadowrunners. Quicksilver is surprised by Fred. Beanna saw all of this coming.

As our first 3 second turn begins, the cigarette falls from Charles's mouth. Fred manages to begin mouthing "...the fuc-" before completely unsuppressed gun fire begins. Quicksilver draws his sub-machine gun and fires a burst that splatters into Charles's chest. The burst fire from Beanna's assault rifle lights up the block and turns Fred's head into something resembling an explosive melon filled with teeth just in time to keep our entry at one f-bomb. As pieces of the building next to him fly through the air, Charles screams in surprise and horror.

Can anyone foresee how the next 3 seconds are going to go?

Beanna decides that she will give Charles the same treatment his smoking buddy got. Before she could pull the trigger, Quicksilver let loose with a Mana Bolt. Charles had never seen magic first hand. Unfortunately for Charles, having the raw energy of the Astral Plane ground into your body is not ranked high on the list good first magic experiences - although it is a nice visual effect for those not being rent apart. With a very loud, and very wet, sound Charles collapses against the wall of the building. His arm looks wrong - even for a ghoul. His rib cage does not have a uniform volume. His breathing is clearly labored. On the plus side, this has stopped that horrible screaming. As Charles hits the ground, Beanna evens out the shape of his chest the only way she knows how.

Quicksilver and Beanna stop to consider how anyone could think that "do it quietly" was a reasonable line item for a work order.

As his consciousness fades, Charles reflects on how this is his second worse day ever. The only salvageable bit is that Jenna won't have to worry about talking to him in front of the children anymore.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Noah's Game: February 21st

  • Tanya as Lulabelle, a half-elven sorceress with an owl, and she's not afraid to use it.
  • John as Kikow !!(pronounced 'click-click'), a gnomish barbarian. Long on passion, short on range.
  • Jake as Böbō, the dwarven barbarian and only returning character. Might berserk from afar.
  • Emmy as Droso, a (male) gnome cleric. Rides a dog well.
  • Triften as Hands, a human rogue. Occasionally has the feeling that others in the party are out to get him.
  • Sean as Vindo, a half-orc monk. Enjoys insulting Kikow in Orcish.

Also With
  • Lt. Horowitz, the Unfortunates dispatcher. He's got a no-nonsense haircut. Whatever that means.
  • Bella, Lulabelle's trusted familiar. Quite fond of mice, rats, and other vermin.
  • Charles Van der Schmidt and Iggy Rodriguez, a pair of Monstrous Scorpions on the run, and with nothing left to lose. Or so they thought.

Pregame: The party were all recruited into the Unfortunates, and arrived in the city less than a week ago, except for Böbō. The date is Grunfast, Grune 16th, Year of the Evil, Evil Monkey.

Horowitz summons the party to tell them that bounty season has begun. Starting today, there is a two thousand gold bounty on scorpion tails (of 6 feet or longer). The bounty is offered regularly by the Alchemists guild, presumably for ingredients. Horowitz doesn't have a posting for the party, but advises them to take advantage of the bounty while it lasts. Bounty season also marks the end of the trial period for all new Unfortunates, meaning that combat rates will be going up, but that the party will no longer be getting special rates on healing from Rothgab's temples.

The party decides to go after some bounty cash, and heads for the Unfortunates' gate. There is a cluster of merchants by the gate. Vindo buys a long pole from one of them.

The party exits the city through the Unfortunates' gate into the desert, Böbō upon his pony, Kikow upon his attack pig, and Droso on his riding dog. There are tracks of other hunters heading in various directions, the majority going south. The party heads south as well. After a little while, Lulabelle sends Bella ahead to scout for scorpions. Bella leads the party south-southwest, where they come upon a pair of monstrous scorpions sunning themselves on a rock.

Kikow leads the charge, jumping off his pig, and running full pell down the dune. Vindo and Hands follow behind, but hold their distance. Lula, Böbō, and Droso set up a position on top of the dune, and

Böbō shoots Hands in the back by accident. The scorpions jump off the rock. One attacks Kikow, but is unable to hit him. Lulabelle shoots a succession of magic missles into the scorpions, weakening them severely, and Droso casts "Heat Metal" on Böbō's arrows to increase their potency. The other scorpion overwhelms Vindo while Hands flanks the first and attacks it.

Böbō continues shooting into the melee, while Droso rides her dog down to the fight, and does a ride-by healing on Vindo, bringing him back to the brink of consciousness. Kikow, in his beserker rage, misses the scorpion at first, and attacks Hands. Hands pulls back. The party manages to kill the scorpions, and Droso finishes reviving Vindo.

The party chops off the scorpions' tails and other bits, and drags them back to Rothgab, where they collect their bounty of four thousand gold, which they split evenly. Vindo and Hands buy healing from Droso at half the market rate, and the party disperses.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Call for Character Concepts

I am prepping for a game. I am not defining much of anything at the moment. Could everyone please send me a character concept? They may be from any rpg genre or time period.

Each concept should include:
  • A name and physical description: "who is your character?"
  • A description of background and activities: "where is your character?"
  • A description of general desires: "where is your character going?"
  • A description of abilities and possessions: "what is your character?"
This is meant to be a dialogue, so expect this to go back and forth. Once we've settled on things, then either your or I will make a posting describing them. That will probably be after I make a posting about the game concept. I have one, I promise.

While not required, it might be useful to make use of this character creation worksheet that I like from Black Shield Gaming:
It also might be a good idea to keep Burning Void's guide to character concepts in mind - not that I'm opposed to people using stereotyped characters, but you should at least do it on purpose.

For those who remember anything about their Shadowrun characters, you may feel free to use them (assuming you can remember enough to fill in character concepts appropriately).

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Triften's Game: Session n+2

The party regroups outside of Portsmouth and follows the coastal road north through the night. In the early hours, they are attacked by a few lean and hungry looking wolves. Terrance screams a lot. Terrance gets chewed on a lot. Not in that order. Jared sings.

The party decides to skin the wolves and, despite no party member having any real tanning skill, manages to do a halfway decent job. Wanting to stop being covered in wolf's blood, Terrence wanders into the woods, in the middle of the night, with no survival skills, to find a stream or spiring to wash up in. He makes his way to running water and cleans up, then realizes that he has absolutely no idea which way leads back to the carts. He enacts plan B: Curling into the fetal position and sleeping until morning.

Stetta notices Terrence's absence and, with the twins, wanders off into the woods looking for Terrence. They find Terrence and discover that they too are lost. While pondering their predicament, a strange mote of light floats through the forest towards them. It seems to drift towards the closest person and, after some weaving and dodging, it floats into Stetta's head. Stetta blacks out and regains conciousness a few minutes later with a strange lump of crystal/glass in her mouth. The lump is clear except for a small shining speck in the middle. The lump is dubbed the "tongue baby".

The twins try to wander back towards the carts and instead become lost somewhere else in the woods. Terrence returns to plan B and, when Stetta tries to join him, he enacts "plan B over there... where you aren't." Eventually the two fall asleep and are able to make their way out of the woods come morning. The twins return to the carts exhausted after having wandering around all night.

Meanwhile, Holostarchander stays with the carts, wipes his hands off, and gets a good night's rest in his bed.

After changing hands for a bit for people to look at it, the tongue baby eventually returns to Stetta's possession.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Noah's Game: January 31st


* John as Rathnor, a half-orc paladin. His people are not your people.
* Triften as Arden, a human paladin of law. Law. Not Good.
* Sean as Rob, a half-orc rogue. Weighs in at several hundred pounds, not counting the bag of cod.
* Emmy as Cinnamon "Buns" McCabe, a gnome bard. This former stripper can use her skills to distact and delight.

Also With

* Lt. Horowitz, the as-yet undescribed Unfortunates dispatcher. A little bit shouty, when stressed.
* Guy in a chair. Don't get too attached to him.

With Appearances By

* Spanky and Jessica, ninja Unfortunates.
* Gladwell, an occasionally effective Unfortunate mage.


Pregame: The party were all recruited into the Unfortunates, and arrived in the city less than a week ago. The last game session took place two days ago, making today Slausengot, Grune 15th, Year of the Evil, Evil Monkey.

The party is summoned to see Lt. Horowitz. He is in the midst of dispatching them for another escort mission when his badge starts glowing. He uses it to trace a door in the air, and then rushes the party through to another location in the Rothgab. Once they arrive, the party notices a "tear in the air", glowing pure white.

Soon, other Unfortunates appear on the scene, including Spanky, Jessica, and Gladwell. Apparently, this is an unauthorized portal into the city. Horowitz tells Spanky and Jessica to track down anyone who has already come through, and Gladwell to lock down the portal. Then, he tells the party they will be going through the portal, to see if there's anyone worth trading with on the other side, as procedure requires. The party is told that their badges should let them through Gladwell's lock on the portal.

The party goes through the "tear" and emerges in a dark room. Cinnamon notices some torches in sconces on the wall, and pointes them out to the rest of the party. Arden lights one up, so that he can see. The room is finished stone, with three doors leading out. On this side, the portal is pure black, sucking in light from all around it.

There are three doors out of the room. At 6 o'clock is the portal. At 9 o'clock is a door of decayed wood, covered in moss. At 12 o'clock is another door, the same size as the first, but in good condition. At 3 o'clock is another door, also in good condition, but smaller. Rob checks for traps on the 3 o'clock door, and the party goes through.

On the other side of the door is a stone corridor that goes about 40 feet and then turns left. After the turn is another door. Rob checks for traps again, and doesn't find anything, and the party deliberates about what to do. After a little while, some of them hear muffled noises on the other side of the door, and they go in.

In the room is a man tied to a chair. There's also some other furniture, including a desk in the corner, and another door on the other side of the room. The man is bound and gagged. Rathnor searches him and finds a key.

When they ungag him, the man says some others tied him up and went past him towards where the party came from. He tells the party they're in the city of Tharn. The party decides to unbind him, and Rob and Rathnor go to investigate the other door. On the other side, they find a spiral staircase. Rob skulks up it, while Rathnor waits at the bottom, after Rob tells him his armor is too loud.

After a few minutes, the man who was in the chair starts making noises and hunching over. He changes into a werewolf, and attacks Arden. Rathnor hears the noise and comes in, but Cinnamon puts the man to sleep with a dance. They tie the man back up.

Meanwhile, Rob has gotten to the top of the stairs, where he finds a door. He checks the door for traps, and, finding none, heads back to get the rest of the party.

Before he can get back though, the man in the chair wakes up. Rathnor and Arden take turns hitting him in the head while Cinnamon hits him in the shin, but he eventually breaks his bonds. They manage to knock him out before he can do much damage, and Arden delivers the finishing blow.

Rob gets back, and leads the party up the stairs, where they find the door is locked. Rob makes a mental note to check for this in the future. The key Rathnor took off the dead werewolf doesn't work. While Rob picks the lock, a shadow peels off the wall and attacks Rathnor. Rob finishes picking the door and rushes the party through, but the shadow follows. The party finds themselves in what looks like a cobblestone alley. It's nighttime.

The rest of the party attacks the shadow, and Rob ducks back through the door, closing it behind him. The door clicks and locks automatically behind him, and Rob immediately sets about unlocking it. Cinnamon casts a light spell on the shadow, but it is unaffected. Between the three of them, Rathnor, Arden and Cinnamon manage to finish off the shadow, but they are seriously weakened.

Rob re-unlocks the door. The party hears noises and baying coming their way, like a pack of werewolves. They high-tail it back through the door, letting it close and lock behind them, and then run back downstairs and through the rooms to the portal, which they go through.

They find themselves in the desert outside of Rothgab. They go back into the city, and head back to the city's side of the portal, where they find Horowitz. They tell Horowitz what they found. Horowitz yells at Gladwell for screwing up the lock spell and bouncing them, and tells him to shut the portal down. Horowitz explains that Rothgab has had this kind of problem before with Tharn, calling it "attempting to set up improper trade relations." He sends the party back to headquarters. The party collects their pay, and finds healers to help with their wounds.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Noah's Game: January 24th


* John as Rathnor, a half-orc paladin. Grumbles a lot.
* Tanya as Gadfly, a (male) human wizard. Fashionable, yet assumes all creatures have golden hearts.
* Triften as Arden, a human paladin of law. Only one who has no way of seeing in the dark.
* Jake as Böbō, a dwarven barbarian. Takes care of his pony.

Also With

* Lt. Horowitz, the as-yet undescribed Unfortunates dispatcher. Thoroughly bored.
* Mak-Tak, aka Mak. A kobold trader from Rothgab. A little bossy and callous, with a weird scratchy voice.
* Chief Biren, a kobold chieften. Has a history with Mak.


Pregame: The party were all recruited into the Unfortunates, and arrived in the city less than a week ago. The date is Throgsday, Grune 14th, Year of the Evil, Evil Monkey.

The party is summoned to see Lt. Horowitz. He tells them they'll be escorting Mak. They meet Mak, and head out of the city, exiting into a mountainous area. The gate vanishes behind them into rock. They escort Mak (& his 20 or so ponies) down to the valley floor, where Mak points out the entrance to the mine they'll be going into. He leads them away from the entrance, saying it's not safe, and into the mines through a crack in the mountain a little ways away. He blindfolds his ponies first, so they don't panic. Böbō is forced to leave his pony outside.

Once inside, everyone can see fine, except for Arden, who can't see anything. Gadfly uses his familiar, a bat, to see for him. At one point, they are attacked by a dire bat, which the party quickly kills. One of the ponies is injured, but is able to continue.

Eventually, Mak leads them to the more developed part of the mine, where there are chambers. He yells at a door in Draconic (which only Gadfly understands, of the PCs), and argues for a while with a voice on the other side. After ~15 minutes, the party is let in, and escorts Mak & his ponies through a crowd of ~50 kobolds to a large chamber, where Chief Biren is waiting for them.

Biren and Mak bicker about the price of the coal Mak has come to buy, and the crowd clears out. After they agree on a price, the chief and his guard clear out, and the party is left alone in the room with the coal and the ponies. Arden helps Mak (actually, Arden does all the work) load the ponies panniers with coal, while the rest of the party waits for the chief's betrayal. Mak tells them that the chief tries to kill him every year. Suddenly, Böbō and Gadfly hear something moving near the sacks, and rush to attack it. It's a grick, which the two of them quickly finish off. The rest of the coal is quickly loaded and the party heads out. After a few rooms, they hear cries of sorrow behind them, presumably for the grick.

The kobolds are nowhere to be found, but the passage that the party took in has been blocked. Mak leads the party out through the front entrance to the mine, where Rathnor is ambushed by an ogre. The ogre manages to knock Arden out, and shrugs off Gadfly's attempts to beat it with his staff. Rathnor manages to kill it, and then revives Arden. The ogre seemed to have nothing of value, so Böbō retrieves his pony, and the party escorts Mak back up to the hidden gate and into the city. Mak parts ways with them, and does not tip. Horowitz gives them each a 1gp bonus for combat duty. Arden goes to a temple for healing.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

One-Shot Game Description

I'm going to start my one-shot oriented campaign .
One of the goals of this campaign is to have a game that we can play when not everyone can make it.
I'll be making an effort to tie up each "mission" in a single session, and to design the story so it makes sense
if a slightly different group of characters takes on each mission week-to-week.

If you can't make it Wednesday, that's fine, that's how this campaign is supposed to work.
Whenever you can show up for this game, here's the details so you can be prepared. So, Katie, if there ever is a week where you're feeling up to it, swing on by, it shouldn't interrupt normal game flow.

Character Creation
It's going to be D&D 3.5. You should have two 3rd level characters ready, a primary, and a backup.
Character death will be a reality in this game. Don't take it personally. If your primary character dies, or is otherwise
incapacitated, your backup will become your new primary, and you'll need to roll up a new backup.

NOTE: Triften, John, & Jake - You guys can use your old characters from my Half-Sea game as either
your primary or secondary, if you wish. Tell me if you think I have your character sheets, and I'll look for them.

Stats: You can use one of two methods to generate your character stats. You can use different
methods for different characters.
1) 28-point buy - From pg. 169 of the DMG
Each of your stats costs a certain number of points.

5 -3
6 -2
7 -1
9 1
10 2
11 3
12 4
13 5
14 6
15 8
16 10
17 13
18 16

2) Best 6 of 7
Roll 4d6 and sum the best 3
Do this 7 times, and use the best 6 rolls for your stats, in any order you wish.
I'm trusting you to be honest. :)

Any race/class/alignment combination is legal. (Yes, that includes chaos monks & evil paladins).
I am going to limit the classes for new characters to the ones in the PHB, though.

Character Knowledge:
The characters have all been recruited to be part of the mercenary guard of the merchant city of Rothgab, the city of gates.
Voluntarily. No, they were not drugged, drunk, or charmed into it. The pay is one gold per day, with combat bonuses, and such.
(For a frame of reference - a tradesman can earn 1sp/day on a good day).

None of you are from Rothgab. None of you have been there before. It's merchants are known for going and trading everywhere.
The city itself is in the middle of the desert, though its gates open onto places far away.

The citizens refer to the guard as "The Unfortunates".

All the other residents have been "peace-branded". They can do no harm to others. The Unfortunates have not been peace-branded, but are not citizens.
The most severe penalty for citizens is exile.
The most severe penalty for Unfortunates is peace-branding and exile.

Unfortunates may choose to leave service on their anniversary. Instead of leaving Rothgab, they may apply for citizenry.

The Unfortunates are used as the city's all-purpose guard. (They're not just fighters). They are the hand of the merchant council, the city's ruling body,
and are used defensively and offensively. Common day-to-day purposes include guarding merchants outside of the city, and internal policing and investigation. Special puposes abound.

Shop w/ 300gp.
You may have one +1 weapon or equivalent magical item to start (free, not included in 300gp budget).
Each character is issued a small brass badge as your mark of office. It is a minor magical item, granting +1 to saving throws, allowing you to see the peace-brand, and can be used to issue a summons.

A cheap apartment in the city is 1gp / month.