Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Triften's Game: Intro/Character creation - 8/9/2006


The Kingdom of Talwar spent a few centuries as a mish-mash set of warring provinces, always worrying about the next orc incursion, the next lizardfolk raid, or the next kua-toa encounter. 50-some years ago, through brilliant tactics and diplomacy, Ordna of Lides united the human provinces and he was crowned King of Talwar. King Ordna formed an alliance with the eastern and western elf kingdoms so that when an aggresive campaign by the now-united human armies drove the orcs into the forests, their respite would be short-lived. The few survivors retreated to their old strongholds deep in the western swamps.

Throughout this time, Talwar saw increased trade with the dwarves of the northern mountains. Ordna's diplomats were able to enlist the assistance of the dwarves in the form of the great mountain wyrms. The dwarves revered the great wyrm, Falbjynsthfar, and with his blessing, were able to ride others of his kind. With the help of the dwarves and the wyrms, the Talwar army, led by their elite Black Talon soldiers, swept through the western swamps, bringing death to the old Orc kingdoms. The week of genocide would be known as "The Purge" and, for a time, would be celebrated for bringing a new peace and safety for humans, dwarves, and elves.

As the campaign concluded, General Haldren, Captain of the Black Talons, saw his opportunity and, thanks to the massive military machine Ordna had constructed, seized control of the kingdom. Ordna was executed and martial law was declared, enforced by dozens of newly promoted Black Talon regiments. His lieutenant, Kalrid, was promoted to General of the Black Talon, and served his new king well in the coming reign of tyrrany.

However, King Ordna was no fool and had instructed his most trusted assistants and advisors on what to do if these events should pass. Though Haldren got the crown and the kingdom, there were many secrets that slipped through his fingers. It is hoped that one day, these secrets can be his undoing.

The world:

Generic D&D (magic works "normally"), demi-humans rather rare, with dwarves and elves staying hidden away from the insanity of the human kingdom. Dragons/Wyrms are smaller than regular D&D and the most intelligent specimens are a few notches below elephants.

The players:

I wanted as many people to be at the character creation session so everyone could work together and make sure the characters had a good reason to travel and stay together. Attendance was less than spectacular but Noah and Sean came up with the concept of being a band of traveling performers.

  • Terrence and Jared, bards played by Noah and Sean, tear up the stage as the prima-donnas, Prima and Donna.
  • Stetta, a fighter carrying the burden of an abused childhood played by Emmy, performs feats of strength to wow the crowds.
  • The Great Holostarchander, a sorcerer played by Jake, amazes with spectacular pyrotechnics.
  • Serpenta, the snake-charming druid played by Katie, charms more than just animals with her incredible show.
  • Flacco and Kurako, a rogue-fighter duo played by Tanya and John, astonish with acrobatics, dancing, and acrobatic dancing.

The characters have pooled their money to start their careers with 4 wonderful carts and two pair of the strongest oxen their money could buy.