Thursday, May 29, 2008

Session 11 - Triften's Alternity game - Skulls and Snakes

"Up there, 4th floor. There are people waving at us. Stop."

"But what about the-"

"Stop now!"
"They're calling for help. Let's go."

"Holy crap."

"I'll drive, you guys shoot."

"They're gaining!"

"Reverse can only do so much."

"Then why dont you-oh Dear Lord!"

"I'm good at driving."


"I'm glad we were able to stock up before we got here."

"This would have gone a lot faster with the semtex."

"We need the semtex to get into Round Mountain. We have this all planned out."

"You mean Collins planned it all out."

"Yes, and he's going to meet us there after a side trip to Montana."

"Assuming he doesn't get himself killed."

"Look, he's well equipped and has 3 other soldiers with him. He'll be fine."

"None of those were the sharpest knives in the drawer."

"Guys, if we're going in, let's go before more of those beetles show up."


"Should be the third floor, facing east."

"I hear them. This door."


"Help... us..."

"Sir, are you okay?"

"Help us..."

"Okay, as soon as-"






"What was tha-"

"Get the hell away!"

"Al, calm down."

"How do I know your not hiding snakes?!"

"Al, it's okay-"


"Son of a bitch! Jessie! Jessie?"

"Dammit, Al! Ooof!"

"No one move! Any one of you could have snakes! I know I don't."
"I'll meet Collins on my own if I have to."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Session 10 - Triften's Alternity game - A Flare in the Ointment

"We should be safe here for the night. The building has one entrance, only two stairwells, and limited fire escapes. Unless they can fly, we'll be in pretty good shape."

"This place is a dump."

"At least the door was unlocked."

"Where's Nick going?"


"He's been kinda...I dunno, spaced out or something."

"Maybe the stress is getting to him a bit. He'll be fine. We've got about 1800 miles to cov-"

"Did you here that?"

"Sounded like a window."

"Dammit, he's gonna jump."


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Session 9 - Triften's Alternity game - Strange Ground

I, Al Ankaleen, write these words which I know to be true.

The Oracle disappeared 7 nights ago. His hut was found empty and no one knew of him planning to depart. The five heroes, Kallia, Al Vinyee, Singh, Marek, and Tardos, set out to find their friend, the Oracle. They spotted the Oracle within a nearby settlement of Artaks. We have had little difficulty with Artaks since the Great War, so this came as a surprise. It seemed that he had been taken away during the night. It seems that the Artaks were planning an attack and wished to use the Oracle's wisdom to plot their course of action.

I accompanied the heroes to the edge of the Artaks' land and they snuck into the village to free the Oracle. The Artaks numbered 4 or 5 score of fight capable adults (a female Artak is much more inclined to enter combat then our women, especially if they are defending their home) and we were but 6, so stealth was of great importance. I watched them slowly disappear into the foliage and eagerly awaited their return.

After barely a twitch, I saw the Oracle striding out of the woods, carrying his air of eternal calm. I bid him good health and told him how joyous it was to see him unharmed. Perhaps my mood did not pair well with his levelness so there was a brief moment of silence before he continued pass me back towards the village. I had forgotten to ask about the heroes so I decided to wait a bit longer for their return.

Eventually, I heard a sound not unlike a bevy of does dashing from hunters and saw the heroes, less Tardos, rushing into sight with a score of warriors nearly upon them. Vinyee told me of Tardos' betrayal in making their presence in the village plainly obvious. Evidentially, the Artaks had rushed past Tardos to engage the rest of them in combat forcing them to flee. We exited the forest with great haste and were forced farther west towards a stream as the Artaks began to flank us. We caught a moment to rest and I believe Vinyee had begun to experience some mild visions from his injuries. He seemed somewhat confused and I wondered if an Artak shaman had not used some curse upon him.

We made it back to my humble village and, after a brief audience with the Oracle, the heroes were granted some much needed rest. I conversed with the Elders about Tardos' betrayal and, after hours of pointless deliberation, was called away to gather the heroes for another audience with the Oracle.

I gathered the heroes, except for Marek, who was already with the Oracle, and brought them to the Oracle. Soon after I left them together, the Oracle's hut was engulfed in flames. When the flames died down, we found the Oracle's remains but were unable to find any trace of the heroes.

Much speculation has occurred among the villagers and Elders. Most of us believe that the Artaks stole into the village and started the fire. A few have started a vicious rumor that Marek, who commands firestorms, caused the blaze. Regardless, we believe that the heroes have returned to the Artak village to avenge the murder of the Oracle. We pray to the gods for their safe return.

I, Al Ankaleen, have written these words which I know to be true.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Session 8 - Triften's Alternity game - Sidetrack

A prelude:

Alvin: So, Collins, what's with all the secrecy?

Kellie: Yeah, this warehouse section, right next to the generator? A little noisy.

Collins: Al, Kellie, Nick, Mark, you all know about sliding, right?

Mark: We were all at the same briefing, Alan.

Nick: I was on level 22. Just over 200,000 points.

Collins: Can you put that thing down?

Nick: Not really. Keeps the hands limber.

Kellie: So, as far as anyone knows, the sliding is random, unless you have some secret you aren't letting us in on.

Collins: Well, random, mostly. Look at who's slid so far. Rithers, Warner,... that new kid, Jessie-

Nick: Warner was PTSD.

Collins: That's the official line. So all three of them were top agents. Rithers, top researcher; Warner, top electronics tech; Jessie... well he seemed to be good at pretty much everything.

Nick: Yes! Level 38!

Kellie: Nick, turn that thing off. So, just cause we're good at our jobs, you think we're going to slide?

Collins: Well, Al, you scored top in your class on pistols, Kellie, you scored high marks on the rifle range. Nick, you are an amazing medic.

Nick: Eh, I don't know.

Kellie: What about the time you patched up Agent Stromovich in the middle of a firefight.

Mark: She was able to take out the remaining six terrorists.

Nick: 5.

Al: That was the official line.

Nick: Isn't that when you guys started calling me "Dutch", as in "little Dutch boy"?

Al: Well, you did plug a hole in a dyke pretty well.

Nick: I was in sensitivity training for 4 weeks after that.

Kellie: Of course. You explained why we were calling you Dutch to the Chief. What'd you expect?

Nick: You guys... were calling me that... and I end up in sensitivity training.

Kellie (to Al and Mark): Wow, he hasn't been playing that for all of 30 seconds.

Nick: I hate you guys.

Collins: Are you all in on this? Either we're all in, or we're all out.

Kellie: I'm in.

Al: In.

Mark: Me, too.

Nick: Level up!... Sure, I'm in.

Collins: Alright, get together a bag with a change of clothes, a persona with full ID and credit, and whatever gear you need. I'll set up a safehouse and we'll work on that.

Nick: Anyone here have any triple-alphas?

Al: I'm sure Kellie does.

Kellie: Jerk.