Thursday, December 14, 2006

Triften's Game: Session n+1

(This will be edited to correct mistakes as my notes are crap.)

Most of the party is hungover after a night of heavy drinking and grumbling about the Black Talon. Jared wakes first and, using a piece of wood, jams the door to Stetta's cart. Meanwhile, Holostarchander decided hang himself upside down in hopes of inducing a vision to provide guidance for the party. He awakens, inverted and numb, with a splitting headache.

Terrence awakens to find himself in Stetta's strong embrace. Fight-or-flight instincts kick in when Stetta informs Terrence that he has made her a real woman, causing Terrance to fling himself, screaming, at the stuck door. Jared watches and listens from outside. Eventually, Terrance free's himself from Stetta's den of iniquity and retreats to the near-safety of his own cart.

After Terrence's screaming quiets down, Holostarchander regains feeling in his limbs and begins his own bout of screaming. (I can't remember who helped him down from his suspension.)

Jared grants Stetta the day off, suggesting she have a picnic with Terrance, before wandering into town to find an apothecary who might provide a love potion. Terrence desperately searches for alcohol, finding that Jared has moved or emptied all of the stashes. Jared finds an apothecary who asks for a rather high price for a love potion and decides to convince the rest of the party to chip in for it to help smooth over the dynamics.

While Jared is gone, Terrence impersonates Jared to try and convince Stetta that Jared is also interested in sleeping with her. When Stetta sees Jared, after he returns from his trip to the apothecary, she lets him down easy and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Jared recovers from the kiss and pitches his idea to the others regarding the love potion. The rest of the party is skeptical.

(There may or may not be a session break here.)

At this point, it is nearly mid-afternoon, and Serpentia is nowhere to be found. Flacco and Kurako take a look around in the nearby grove of trees (druids have a habit of wandering off you know) and Kurako discovers Serpenta's snake by itself. The snake is sluggish and lethargic. The twins attempt to sell the snake (rocks nearly fall) but eventually just return to camp with it to show the others.

Before the discovery of the snake, Terrence bumps into Steve in town. Steve also dresses up (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) and has a small traveling act, so Terrence suspects that Steve has stolen Serpenta away from their show.

Regardless, the show must go on and the troupe has already reserved a section of the marketplace in which to perform. After setting up the tent (and having someone with the Use Rope skill check over the work) and getting ready to start, two small birds fly into the tent. The birds alight on Prima's shoulder and, speaking in Serpenta's voice, deliver a message explaining that Serpenta was kidnapped by the Black Talon and being carried off, possibly northward but she is unsure. She provides information regarding the possible location of King Ordna's wizard who might be able to help them. (I can't remember what the second bird did, but it might have told off Prima and Donna.)

The show is excessively average and after the crowd clears out a number of soldiers remain (I think they may have been from another tavern excursion by the twins.) Thinking fast, someone unties the shoddy ropework, collapsing the tent. Thinking homocidally, someone else lights the tent ablaze. In the ensuing havoc, the party is able to slink away into the night, heading northward.