Saturday, February 24, 2007

Call for Character Concepts

I am prepping for a game. I am not defining much of anything at the moment. Could everyone please send me a character concept? They may be from any rpg genre or time period.

Each concept should include:
  • A name and physical description: "who is your character?"
  • A description of background and activities: "where is your character?"
  • A description of general desires: "where is your character going?"
  • A description of abilities and possessions: "what is your character?"
This is meant to be a dialogue, so expect this to go back and forth. Once we've settled on things, then either your or I will make a posting describing them. That will probably be after I make a posting about the game concept. I have one, I promise.

While not required, it might be useful to make use of this character creation worksheet that I like from Black Shield Gaming:
It also might be a good idea to keep Burning Void's guide to character concepts in mind - not that I'm opposed to people using stereotyped characters, but you should at least do it on purpose.

For those who remember anything about their Shadowrun characters, you may feel free to use them (assuming you can remember enough to fill in character concepts appropriately).

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Noah said...

John wrote:
> Alright! First time I've thoroughly read the blog-- very enjoyable.
> How can I post stuff to it?

I just re-sent invitations to you, Jake, and Tanya. You'll need Google accounts to post entries and comments. The invitation should walk you through the process if you don't already have one.

After you get an account, and follow the invite, you should be able to add a post by just going to the new post button in the upper right hand corner.