Saturday, January 13, 2007

One-Shot Game Description

I'm going to start my one-shot oriented campaign .
One of the goals of this campaign is to have a game that we can play when not everyone can make it.
I'll be making an effort to tie up each "mission" in a single session, and to design the story so it makes sense
if a slightly different group of characters takes on each mission week-to-week.

If you can't make it Wednesday, that's fine, that's how this campaign is supposed to work.
Whenever you can show up for this game, here's the details so you can be prepared. So, Katie, if there ever is a week where you're feeling up to it, swing on by, it shouldn't interrupt normal game flow.

Character Creation
It's going to be D&D 3.5. You should have two 3rd level characters ready, a primary, and a backup.
Character death will be a reality in this game. Don't take it personally. If your primary character dies, or is otherwise
incapacitated, your backup will become your new primary, and you'll need to roll up a new backup.

NOTE: Triften, John, & Jake - You guys can use your old characters from my Half-Sea game as either
your primary or secondary, if you wish. Tell me if you think I have your character sheets, and I'll look for them.

Stats: You can use one of two methods to generate your character stats. You can use different
methods for different characters.
1) 28-point buy - From pg. 169 of the DMG
Each of your stats costs a certain number of points.

5 -3
6 -2
7 -1
9 1
10 2
11 3
12 4
13 5
14 6
15 8
16 10
17 13
18 16

2) Best 6 of 7
Roll 4d6 and sum the best 3
Do this 7 times, and use the best 6 rolls for your stats, in any order you wish.
I'm trusting you to be honest. :)

Any race/class/alignment combination is legal. (Yes, that includes chaos monks & evil paladins).
I am going to limit the classes for new characters to the ones in the PHB, though.

Character Knowledge:
The characters have all been recruited to be part of the mercenary guard of the merchant city of Rothgab, the city of gates.
Voluntarily. No, they were not drugged, drunk, or charmed into it. The pay is one gold per day, with combat bonuses, and such.
(For a frame of reference - a tradesman can earn 1sp/day on a good day).

None of you are from Rothgab. None of you have been there before. It's merchants are known for going and trading everywhere.
The city itself is in the middle of the desert, though its gates open onto places far away.

The citizens refer to the guard as "The Unfortunates".

All the other residents have been "peace-branded". They can do no harm to others. The Unfortunates have not been peace-branded, but are not citizens.
The most severe penalty for citizens is exile.
The most severe penalty for Unfortunates is peace-branding and exile.

Unfortunates may choose to leave service on their anniversary. Instead of leaving Rothgab, they may apply for citizenry.

The Unfortunates are used as the city's all-purpose guard. (They're not just fighters). They are the hand of the merchant council, the city's ruling body,
and are used defensively and offensively. Common day-to-day purposes include guarding merchants outside of the city, and internal policing and investigation. Special puposes abound.

Shop w/ 300gp.
You may have one +1 weapon or equivalent magical item to start (free, not included in 300gp budget).
Each character is issued a small brass badge as your mark of office. It is a minor magical item, granting +1 to saving throws, allowing you to see the peace-brand, and can be used to issue a summons.

A cheap apartment in the city is 1gp / month.

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